Bmore Sports is the retail division of PTC International. This division began in the spring of 2003 with 50 licenses including collegiate and professional sports program. As of 2011, we continue to hold select collegiate and MiLB Properties licenses for collectibles like dog tags, sports balls and neons.

In 2009 we launched a product we created called the Strap-A-Handle. As the program continued to grow and become distributed in national retailers we added additional extension lines and are adding new products which will substantially improve the quality of people's lives.

Our Standard and Heavy Duty Strap-A-Handles are perfect for carrying boxes, groceries, camping equipment, household products, or helping someone move. Eliminate bending to lift heavy objects, and eliminate the need to make multiple trips to and from your car. Made of high quality materials, each SAH is specially constructed.

In 2010/11, we launched MakeABall, an internet based personalized sports ball program, which allows customers to design their own sports balls, featuring their own photos, text and logos. Using our CIT technology, we are able to create single piece orders and customize each sports ball for every player, coach, or adoring fan. It’s a great way to remember that special season and acts as the perfect gift!